Positive thoughts could improve health


The team at Mount Sinai St Luke’s Hospital, New York, believe interventions that boost positive thoughts could be used to improve health.

Lead author Professor Alan Rozanski said: ‘The findings suggest a mindset of optimism is associated with lower cardiovascular risk and promotion of optimism and reduction in pessimism may be important for preventive health.’

Professor Rozanski, a cardiologist, said stress, depression and loneliness have been linked to cardiovascular disease.

Professor Rozanski said: ‘Our study was the first meta-analysis, to our knowledge, to assess the association between optimism and clinical outcomes.

‘Findings were consistent with studies that have evaluated the association between optimism and other related medical conditions.’

While a sense of well-being is believed to lower risk factors such as high blood pressure and cholesterol.

He said: ‘Specific mindsets, habitual patterns of thinking which influence individuals’ views and interactions, have also been associated with cardiovascular disease risk.’

The first study of it’s kind. The 230,000 participants came from the US, Europe, Israel and Australia, and were followed for an average of 14 years. They collected¬†data from 15 previous studies.


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